Side Effects of Chemo and Radiation reduced by HBOT

Originally Posted – Sunday, April 8, 2012  : :   The problem with many cancers (such as RMS) is that they usually do not cause pain or symptoms until they are in an advanced stage (Stage III & IV) and present urgent and radical response for the patient. This small patient (pictured with Children’s Advocate […]

Five days to live . . .

Originally Posted – Wednesday, April 4, 2012     Leukemia and Lymphoma Blood cancers which hyperbaric oxygen helps banish Carson was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia and, while in the hospital, developed a severe opportunistic infection with dissementated mucormycosis during the induction phase of his chemotherapy. This usually fatal infection is not uncommon in the severely immunosuppressed […]

Small cell carcinoma to the brain . . . Stage IV lung cancer – prognosis: one month to live

Originally Posted – Monday, April 2, 2012     Q: Does HBOT make tumors grow or shrink? Q: Is compromised lungs any reason to deny the patient HBOT? This is the story of “MXX.” This patient has given permission to use her photograph in this posting and also excerpts of scans with the hope that others […]

Breast Cancer and HBOT

Originally Posted – Sunday, April 1, 2012     Does hyperbaric oxygen make sense in the treatment of breast cancer? This exchange of emails in the last month with my responses between the lines. A young mother with breast cancer had to have a C-section because of excessive bleeding caused by the chemo’ regimen that […]

Diabetic Amputations

Originally Posted – Saturday, March 31, 2012     Spent an hour talking to a 63 year old veteran who had questions about osteomyelitis “I did not know I had Type II Diabetes until the ulcer on the sole of my foot would not heal. I have been on three different antibiotics for 5 months […]

Time for a change in medical practice . . . Time for a Cool Change.

Originally Posted – Thursday, March 29, 2012     Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (“HBOT”) is used all around the world. Russia and China prescribe it for more than 80 maladies and trauma. Why? It costs less to brew oxygen (“God’s Gunpowder”) in a vat and dispense it as high density oxygen to a patient than it […]