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Does hyperbaric oxygen make sense in the treatment of breast cancer?

This exchange of emails in the last month with my responses between the lines.01le
A young mother with breast cancer had to have a C-section because of excessive bleeding caused by the chemo’ regimen that she was on. While performing the operation, the surgeon (who was also an oncologist) visualized a mass on her uterus but did not remove it. The patient was looking for a free standing hospital-quality center . . . since none of the hospital based HBOT Departments would treat her.

Hi Bob!

I LOVE hyperbaric! I feel fantastic and my skin, I must say looks WAY better. (nice bonus)

I must say that I am befuddled at the greedy attitude in the United States about oxygen therapy. In other countries of the world, HBO T is used for upwards of 80 maladies and yet in the United States, it has become elitist medicine – both for the insured patients and also the corporations that own the chambers and the doctors writing them in hospitals.

I was the very first in the United States to open a HBOT clinic. Once I started, many copied me because they realized that the were no state of federal codes preventing them. At first the hospital HBOT Departments were very angry, but found I was treating maladies and diseases that they were not allowed to treat. So I’m pleased to see that more and more centers are opening across the United States.

See this video

I am on treatment 5- I have 15 scheduled. How many do you recommend I do? Did you say 15 or 20?

As you know, I am not a physician and I am unable to give medical advice. However, I can pass on to you observations of 30 years. Since your husband is a physician and also, since you have another M.D.’a Rx. and blessinngs, I offer the following thoughts and observations:

I believe you should have 20 treatments at the outset. My other breast cancer patient who is doing so well, Julia, is also an M.D. with a specialty as an OB/GYN. She is beating her cancer hands down. She is of the opinion that breast cancer is mostly a fungal starting problem. And she also believes that 20 treatments to start with is appropriate but more is needed over a longer period of time — perhaps a couple of back-to-back consecutive daily treatments each week for between six months to one year.

Or do you want to wait to see what my scans see (nothing I hope)?

Now, the truth is I do not expect that you will have a zero scan. I do not want you to go getting desperate about what the scan might show. The most important thing is that there are no more new tumors and the ones you have stay at the same size. I remember when I had cancer, it took me about one year to be on the edge of the flat earth and ready to fall over, and then another two years to be totally healthy again.

I get my results next week, I go in on Tuesday. Justin said that I can HBOT on the same day as my radioactive scans. Do you agree?

I agree with Justin – he is all science. I would like to see you go for your treatment immediately after you have had your scans. It is interesting that one of our other patients, Ronnie, was told that after his scans he should not hold his children because he would be giving off a lot of radioactivity. That is often not known. But as a nursing mother, you will find that HBOT will cause a rapid dissipation of any isotopes. In fact hyperbaric oxygen therapy has long been used for radiation problems – not only exposure to medical radiation but also that of scans.

Right now, they have me staged at Stage 3 BUT they have not seen my scans, I assume I am already cancer free. My tumor was 4cm and I am HER2 positive. If that helps.

the truth of the matter is that you are in great shape.

So, my questions…
1. How many consecutive treatments? And, then how many per week?

I would recommend that you complete 20 consecutive daily treatments – I know it is a test to drive all the way in and drive all the way back. Then I would suggest that you have three consecutive daily treatments about every 8 to 10 days.

2. Can I do HBOT on the same day as my chemo?

yes you can . . . A lot about cancer kids would come in after their chemo and their parents would report that the kids bounced back a lot faster than before they had started HBOT. I do know that if you have a HBO T treatment prior to your chemo, all body cells – including your tumors – will be more permeable and allow chemicals within their usually guarded walls. I think this is a good thing.

Thank you SO much. The staff are lovely.

It is important to have staff that make you feel wonderful during a tough time and to be very supportive. Thus I also wonder about the hospital HBO T centers which actually run more like a radiology center – you are a piece of protoplasm that needs to be processed – sort of like a sausage. Dr. Oz makes his staff sing to the patient’s and also come and rub their feet and give them little hand massage during visits and prior to procedures. It shows the patients that we do care. Like Dr. Oz, our center has a high survival rate.

Be of good cheer and remember the words of Louise Hay that I relate to you you have to visualize your cancer and repeat the mantra “I am not frightened of you, but you are no longer welcome in this body.”

Mahalo —



I got my scans back today and I have no other tumors. No sign of cancer. They saw a “nodule on my lung and liver” but said it is not cancer but of course they plan to watch them so that they don’t turn into cancer. The AMAZING thing is when I had my C Section 3 weeks ago, my OBGYN said I had a “mass” on my uterus. Every time in the HBOT I visualized it going away and not being present in my scans. And, low and behold they said I have no mass anymore! ONLY 3 weeks later – you need to put that in your book. I have the tests to prove it. J

At this point, I plan to do my 20 treatments in a row and then 2-3 per week until I am done with chemo and then 1 a week for EVER. Unless you recommend differently.

I hope you are doing great and taking care of yourself as well.

Thanks for all your advice and encouragement!


Hiya S’

Real proud of you.

Sounds like a good plan. I wish I was an MD, but even then, I could not give you medical advice — sort of what is known as the “haircut over the telephone.”

But an opinion from observation.

Radiation ? ? ? er, um, er . . .

Remember that it is your journey and your right-hand brain will send you the correct directions on this.

But here is something to share with your husband, since he is a physician, came in this morning.


I am still confounded where all of the Susan B’ K’ “research money” has gone. Nope, I know where it has gone, I just cannot understand why women with Breast Cancer like you, do not follow your example.

Stay in touch.

Mahalo n Hugs.


Thanks – you would laugh if you could see my oncologist when I tell her about Hyperbaric. J
She said … “you look amazing S’…” and I told her about your clinic. She wasn’t supportive or not – just not responsive.
She said… “your running during chemo? Amazing!”

Must be all that oxygen! J
Thanks for the encouragement. I am really happy.