Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer Cullen is just one of our clinic’s poster young person. Over an six-year period, we have watched in awe as this strong willed young person and equally determined parents overcame many of her health problems. When Jennifer first started HBOT, her seizure disorder was so intense, her pediatrician was urging a vagal nerve implant.

CC-Jenni2       CC-Jenni3

Jennifer is now seizure free, and taking no medications. A five-day EEG in hospital demonstrated no seizure disorders in Jennifer, a testimony to the power of HBOT as an adjunct to the determination of her family.

Jennifer’s testimonial is an inspiration to other parents to never give up. Jennifer’s family embarked on a “twenty year program of total support”, and include many disciplines into her daily activities, including “Fast ForWord” ( skating, ballet and schoolwork. Her mother, Vicki, keeps a close watch on Jennifer’s nutritional intake and advocates the use of nutraceuticals – a term that is applied to products that range from isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and herbal products.

All the parents and care-givers that we have seen come through the challenges of caring for their youngsters are absolute heroes in our eyes!