HBOinfo recommends these books as a starting point for your Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy library.  Clicking on each cover will provide more information for you to use as a guide in your research journey.


Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine

by K. K. Jain

Healing the Symptoms
Known as Autism

by Kerri Rivera

Lyme Disease in Australia Fundamentals of an Emerging Epidemic

by Nicola McFadzean ND

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

by Richard A. Neubauer
& Morton Walker


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
by Brad Durant

The Oxygen Revolution
by Virginia McCullough

Hyperbaric Nursing
by Helen C. Norvell
& Valerie Larson-Lohr

The Hyperbaric Chamber:
Science, Not Miracle
by Nina Subbotina

Hyperbaric Oxygen for Neurological Disorders
John H. Zhang Md PhD, Editor

Hyperbaric Oxygen: Perioperative Care
Frederick S. Cramer
& Dirk Jan Bakker