Sands Series III

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North America

The North American agent is Premier Hyperbarics. Detailed information for the Sands Series III is available on their website: Please contact Premier to obtain a free brochure.



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Designed around the needs of the patient and the operator — function over form — Sands Chambers provide the essence of this. Emerging from more than two decades of clinical and emergency response experience, these innovative chambers are now available for you to incorporate into your hyperbaric future.



This versatile chamber springs from the proven design skills of Robert Sands, the designer and patent holder of the unique transportable chambers used by the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and Marines.

The design criteria was simple … respond to the needs of the patients. For example, patients with decubitis ulcers with their unique positioning requirements to reduce pressure or sheer on the wound were considered. Patients, from infants to the elderly, tiny or large (up to 3501bs.) were factored into the design.



Coma patients, large or obese patients, tummy-tuck and breast reconstruction are easily and safely loaded into the comfortable “zero-gravity” chair. No uncomfortable masks or hoods are used. The Sands chamber is perfect for plastic surgery patient recovery.

The astronaut style variable positioning recline chair can be instantly converted to a flat bed chamber. Large windows reduce and eliminate the apprehension of confinement anxiety and allow constant visual contact.


Economy, Reliability

The Sands Chamber use less than a quarter of the oxygen for each treatment than any of its acrylic-tube monoplace competitors. Cost of oxygen is a significant factor when calculating treatment costs. Up to three chambers can be safely operated by a single qualified technician.

Sands Chambers have been in constant use for more than twenty years with no treatment downtime reported. Manufactured from rugged stainless steel, Sands Chambers surprisingly weigh less than a third of acrylic tube chambers.


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Sands Series III Hyperbaric Recompression Chamber

The Sands Series III chambers are the most technically advanced in the world and surround the patient with 100% medical oxygen within 90-seconds of door seal without masks or hoods. No other hospital-grade ASME-PVHO-1 chamber, with FDA 510-K "clearance" can match this performance or efficiency. You can rely on expert technicians to control your environment and you can relax in comfort with concert quality sound and entertainment.

Most sessions in the Sands Series III chamber are approximately 90 minutes and may be up to 120 minutes. This allows plenty of time to relax, watch a movie, listen to music and relax while your body gently diffuses in up to 25 times more healing oxygen into all tissue and clear fluids.
Hospital standard care can be had at a fraction of the cost. All treatment sessions in the chamber should be at your prescribing physician's direction – treatment, pressure and timing of treatment ("Tx.") Your MD knows best.

Note to referring Primary Care Physicians: Hyperbaric Centers act as a dispensary for your prescription of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The Medical Director's role is to assist you or your patient to overcome problems that may be vexing and temporary but helped by HBOT.

All Hyperbaric Centers should maintain the goal to keep your patient in your care as their Primary Physician.

North America

The North American agent is Premier Hyperbarics. Detailed information for the Sands Series III is available on their website: Please contact Premier to obtain a free brochure.



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