San Diego

The San Diego clinic at Gateway was our flagship centre for over a decade. The references to “our” and “we” throughout this site were directing patients to San Diego. Sadly the clinic closed its doors in 2012, however the original page is repeated below. It will help you decide on what to look for when researching HBOT care.

Were you looking for information on specific maladies treated at our clinics under the direction of qualified MD’s?

Our specialist physicians have vast experience and we have treated the following maladies:

•  Lyme disease
•  Stroke
•  Diseases and trauma to bones
•  Problem wounds
•  Toxic mold, fungus
•  Rapid healing for cosmetic surgery

•  Autism and children with challenges
•  Smoke inhalation, chemical poisoning
•  Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders
•  Acute lymphoblastic leukemia –
support for cancer patients on radiation or chemotherapy

Established in 1997, San Diego Hyperbarics is the most experienced outpatient hyperbaric medicine center in San Diego County. Numerous San Diego hospitals, including Rady’s Childrens’ Hospital of San Diego choose to send their acute care patients to this convenient downtown San Diego location.

We provide hospital standard hyperbaric sessions at the most competitive prices. Discounts available for multiple treatments.

Because of the decades of experience of our specialist physicians and the skill levels of our certified staff, our San Diego Center regularly treats critical and chronic patients that have been turned away or refused treatment by other less experienced San Diego hyperbaric treatment centers and San Diego hospitals reluctant to fill physician’s orders outside reimbursement guidelines.

Unconscious and intubated ambulance transport patients from hospitals are an everyday event at our Gateway Hyperbaric Center. All outcomes have been positive, including coma arousal. The helping hand of HBOT towards recovery has allowed many patients to return to the hospital environment for rehabilitation and other conventional therapies and some to return to their homes for a regular lifestyle with their loved ones.

Hospital standard care at a fraction of the cost, means that numerous State Agencies refer patients to the San Diego Center …

Our newly renovated luxurious San Diego Clinic includes seven exam rooms, patient’s kitchen, three physician’s offices, plasma TV for caregivers and little brothers and sisters – and plenty of the latest movies to while away the time. Our Gateway Medical Division shares five-star medical space with pediatricians, sporting specialist, a dialysis center as well as chronic wound care and including a vascular surgery suite – two full operating rooms.

Our San Diego Center is recognized as a “Center of Excellence” and is often featured on national and local television and media.

Our Center becomes “your” Center – a healing and welcoming environment for young and old. We encourage patients to UNDERSTAND THE DIAGNOSIS AND DEFY THE PROGNOSIS. We also provide many other services and medical devices to assist patients recover their quality of life.

Our Center is open every day of the year and service is available on a 24/7 basis. During recent San Diego fires, our Center was the only one available for smoke inhalation emergencies.

Our Center treats many high profile celebrities. We therefore recognize the need for confidentiality and privacy of all of our patients, young and old.

Part 1 – Lyme Disease

Part 2 – HBOT Science


There is much confusion about Lyme Disease treatments and many opinions. Added to this is the mythology and misunderstandings about the mechanisms of HBOT – even from physicians and HBOT technicians. This FREE 50 minute (in two parts) video will present the latest peer-review science – including the 2008 Fife, et. al., Texas A&M ‘pilot’ study of 91 Lyme patients and the results of comparison using HBOT after years of intensive antibiotic treatment. You can watch it right now by clicking left.

Part 1 explains why hospital costs are so high, and so inaccessible to patients and why MediCare, MediCal, MediCaid and most health insurance companies will not pay for your hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

Part 2 explains the mechanism of action of HBOT, how the body can harness external energy to defeat invaders and heal wounds and conquer chronic illness and restore quality of life.