• Small cell carcinoma to the brain . . . Stage IV lung cancer – prognosis: one month to live

Originally Posted – Monday, April 2, 2012    

Q: Does HBOT make tumors grow or shrink?
Q: Is compromised lungs any reason to deny the patient HBOT?

This is the story of “MXX.” This patient has given permission to use her photograph in this posting and also excerpts of scans with the hope that others with similar health challenges can emulate her courage and also to convince physicians that hyperbaric oxygen is a useful adjunct in the treatment of cancer,

Thirteen months ago her husband carried her into the clinic – an 80 pound Nefertiti doll. She could not hold her head up she was so weak. Her oncologists told her that she had less than one month to live. She was 32 with two children and possessed a fiery passion to live on for them

She had “innumerable metastatses” in her her brain, “suggesting hypercellular metastasis such as small cell carcinoma” (see excerpt of scan below.)

Unfortunately, as is often the case with this type of carcinoma, it becomes aggressive and can spread rapidly throughout the body. MXX now had Stage 4 lung cancer with significant pleural effusions. (see excerpts from scan below.)

Fortunately she found a physician who recommended hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT) for post radiation problems and wrote her an Rx for HBOT. Other hospital based hyperbaric departments preferred not to treat her because of her compromised lungs and also reimbursement issues.

Over the next year of visits for hyperbaric oxygen therapy the patient went from being carried into the San Diego Healing Chambers International (HCI) center, to using a wheel chair, then a walker and then walking with a spring in her step.

128 hyperbaric treatments later – see for yourself. This picture was taken just two weeks ago.