• Time for a change in medical practice . . . Time for a Cool Change.

Originally Posted – Thursday, March 29, 2012    

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (“HBOT”) is used all around the world. Russia and China prescribe it for more than 80 maladies and trauma.

Why? It costs less to brew oxygen (“God’s Gunpowder”) in a vat and dispense it as high density oxygen to a patient than it costs to brew antibiotics. And — wait for it — unlike pharmaceuticals THERE ARE NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTSIMG_2356

However, in the United States, oIMG_2335xygen is considered a drug by the FDA. Since there is a “drug dose” relationship, fair enough. However, to limit HB
OT to just 13 uses (reimbursement guide-lines for insurance payments) and to keep the cost of each 90 minute treatment is scientifically unsound.

Furthermore, to keep this most effective form of medicine inaccessible to patients such as traumatic brain injury patients (“TBI”) cancer patients, Lyme disease patients, Autistic Spectrum children is not only unfair, but, heartless and greedy.

It is time for a change